• Codubix® Adapted to the anatomical defect of the patient's skull bone. The basis for the adjustment of the prosthesis is the transmission of CT pictures of the patient's defect.

  • Codubix® - cranial prosthesis designed to fill in bone defects in the skull cap (during cranioplasty). The mechanical properties of the prosthesis are similar to the natural bone.

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High biocompatibility

excellent immune characteristics, non-toxicity, chemical inactivity, resistance to infections
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Low weight

thermal conductivity similar to the natural bone, and zero liquid absorption (water, blood, etc.)
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Physical parameters

such as thickness, the height of curvature, bending strength are similar to the natural bone at the implant site
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The bone prostheses are steam sterilised (STEAM) – in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 17665-1 and FP IX (2011).

Due to the unwound surface the Codubix® bone prostheses are steam sterilised (according to the standard the term “moist heat” is used).

The application of this technique to obtain a sterile product provides safety of the product because of the lack of potential harmful factors contained in the sterilising medium.

The steam sterilisation allows also for the immediate release of the product for sale without any additional period to wait – which is required during the sterilisation with ethylene oxide.
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Codubix® prostheses used in cranioplasty combine all the best features of biomaterials used fill skull bone defects, eliminating all the negative features that increase the risk of surgery. Codubix® is a 3rd class medical device in accordance with rule 8 of the European Directive 93/42 EEC. They characterise with highly biocompatibility due to the combination of technologies used in the preparation of other, proven biomaterials.

— Krzysztof Karbowski, Mark Moskala, Jaroslaw Pole Witold Sujka, Andrzej Urbanik
– “The use of computed tomography to develop a Codubix® prosthesis for adjusted to a given patient”

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The most important thing is that the prosthesis very well reproduce the curvature of the skull, causing that we can return to the natural space that the brain had before the injury. Also the thickness provides the minimal risk of evoking pressure on the nervous system after insertion of the prosthesis.

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The prepared prosthesis made a great impression on them [the doctors] – as a quality product, precise and well adjustable during an operation. Such a large skull defect 10×14 cm could only be filled in using the Codubix® CT. The use of other products would not allow for the excision of appropriate thickness and curvature of the implant, which would lead to many complications.

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