Implantation of Codubix® CT cranial prosthesis 2013 04 26 Lithuania

Report: Implantation of Codubix® CT cranial prosthesis – report of 2013 04 30 – Violeta Senavaitienė – Matopat Representative – Lithuania

1.      Place – Kaunas


Location of the operation:

Public facility, Lithuanian University Hospital of Health Sciences in Kaunas.

The clinic is the largest multi-profile hospital in Lithuania, and one of the most modern in the country.

The hospital employs more than a thousand doctors and more than two thousand medical personnel. The hospital can simultaneously accommodate up to two thousand patients. In fifteen buildings there are 34 profiled clinics, and 15 outpatient departments.




Date of the operation: 2013 04 26

2.      Situation / circumstances

In January 2013 I conducted a presentation for neurosurgeons on Codubix® products. I presented all the possibilities and benefits they offer.

About two months later, I received a call from the hospital. They had a patient who needed the individual prosthesis.

The patient had a gunshot wound in the skull. The patient lost a large part of the skull (photos below). For about a month the doctors fought for his life. After a month it was necessary to restore the damaged bone. The product, which was available in the hospital – Tecres s.p.a Acrilic resin – was not suitable for such a serious damage. It was decided to prepare an individual prosthesis.

Once again I had to present all the possibilities of preparing the individual prosthesis.

3.      Actions before the operation

On March 29, 2013 under my direction all the necessary computer images were taken and transferred to the Tricomed company. There began the production of the prosthesis.


Typowa proteza

Typical prosthesis

Maksymalna skala protezy dla danej metody

Maximum reach of the prosthesis

Przypadek pacjenta

The case of the LT patient

Model 3D:


Because the damage was very serious, the producer decided to make the prosthesis in two parts.

Dr. P. Kasprzak explains – the largest prosthesis met in the literature was 400 cm2. In our case – 280 cm2. It is the second largest case in the world (of course of the known cases).

April 25, 2013 I received the individually prepared prosthesis.

4.       Course of the operation

The operation took place on April 26, 2013. I took part in it.

The operation was conducted by two doctors:

  1. Associate Professor R. Vilcinis – head of the Craniocerebral Department
  2. L. Kalasauskas MD – patient’s doctor

The operation lasted for about three hours. The adjustment of the prosthesis Codubix® CT took about 30 minutes. Parts of the prosthesis were connected by means of Aesculap titanium plates. Using the same Aesculap titanium plates the prosthesis was attached to the skull.

During the operation:


Preparing the place for the implant:


After the implantation:




and after the operation:


5.       Time after the surgery

1st day

The patient’s condition is stable, there is no visible signs of possible complications. The patient is transferred to the general neurosurgery ward.

3rd day

The patient’s condition is stable, there is no signs of complications.

4th day

The patient’s condition is stable. The neurological condition improved – the patient began to respond to the environment, he began to move his legs and his fingers. From time to time there was a smile on his face.

6.        Doctor’s evaluation

The Head of the Department and the patient’s doctor were very satisfied with the results. The prepared prosthesis made very good impression on them – it was of good quality, precise, easily adjustable. Such a large skull bone loss (a gunshot wound) could only be completed with an individually prepared prosthesis.

7.       Problems / remarks

The hospital is very demanding as for the manufacturers and product representatives. Therefore, it took a lot of effort to get doctors to make a positive decision. This result was achieved only by working closely with the company employees and their operability.

I would like to thank the President of the company Witold Sujka and the employee Michael Stępniak to provide thorough information for the comparison of products (Codubix® CT and competition). Mr Stępniak from Tricomed very actively participated in the preparation of the implant and its shipment to Lithuania.

Violeta Senavaitienė, Lithuania

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