Implantation of Codubix® CT cranial prosthesis 2017 03 02 Lithuania

Raport: Surgery to reconstruct cranial bone defects using Codubix implants, Žydrūnė Musienė, Lithuania

Date of surgery: 2 March 2017

Patient N.Е., date of birth: 1996 (21 years old)

Place of surgery: Republican Vilnius University Hospital, Vilnius

Operating surgeon: O. Grigėnas

Case description:
A patient suffered cranial injuries as a result of a road accident in November 2016. The cranial damage was very extensive, with two large bone defects on the right and left sides of the cranium. Attempts were made to preserve the patient’s own cranial bones, but the body rejected them. As no other reconstruction options were available, the doctor suggested to use a Codubix implant to repair the cranial bone defects.

The patient before the surgery. He had cranial injuries on both sides.

pacjent1_03_2017 pacjent2_03_2017 pacjent3_03_2017


The cranial bone defect before the surgery (a CT scan)

czaszka2_03_2017 czaszka1_03_2017

The surgery was successful and the implants were positioned perfectly.


During the surgery

w_czasie_operacji1_03_2017 w_czasie_operacji2_03_2017 w_czasie_operacji3_03_2017 w_czasie_operacji5_03_2017 w_czasie_operacji4_03_2017 w_czasie_operacji6_03_2017

The patient’s post-surgery recovery was fast and no complications were observed.


The patient after the surgery:



The doctor’s opinion on the Codubix implant
O. Grigėnas has considerable experience of repairing cranial bone defects using implants. He has worked in the US and performed surgical operations using prostheses from US manufacturers. O. Grigėnas has rated the Codubix implants highly and appreciated the perfect positioning of the implants. It was the first time the doctor used Tricomed implants.

The report has been prepared by
Lietuva Žydrūnė Musienė, TZMO Product Group Manager

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